Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Visited  Whitby this week with guests from London and Scotland.  Never disappointed in the beauty of the place - walked up to the Abbey where adapted performances of `Dracula` will take place later in the season.  Fantastic views over the harbour and bay watching the small ships go in and out.  Delighted to see the bridge open to let in several large vessels - first time for us to see that happen.  Loved seeing the children at the harbour catching crabs of all different sizes - felt a bit sorry for the crabs, but they were put back in the harbour and did no end up on a plate somewhere!
Whitby Abbey

The Whitby Jet Heritage Centre - explaining the making process.

Visited the Whitby Jet Heritage Centre and was interested to see how it all began in the original Victorian workshop.  Of course, we looked in the lovely shops and admired all the beautiful jewellery.  Great old fashioned sweet shops which took us down memory lane and back to our childhood favourites!

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