Friday, 26 July 2013

Great Guests and Fish & Chips

Very excited today as friends from Scotland arrived for two days to visit us and also to see Status Quo who are playing at the Open Air Theatre tomorrow night. Had the customary champagne and nibbles in the garden! Weather perfect.  They just loved Tall Storeys which I hoped they would! 

Seagulls on the Foreshore

We went down to the foreshore which was still really busy but not overly crowded.  Bought fish and chips at the `Fish Pan` and had to laugh as we were attacked by the seagulls who wanted a bit of our supper too!!  Once we dodged them we managed to eat in peace and enjoy the best fish we have ever tasted so far in Scarborough – delicious.  

View from the tram window!

Took the Central Tramway up into town and walked home from there. The tramway is the oldest surviving tramway company in the UK and was established in 1881.  It costs just 75p to get you up the hill from the beach!

Photo credit: Central Tramway Website

We then sat in the conservatory and were joined by two of our lovely week-end guests who were on their way home from Bruges.  We discovered we had an author in our midst – this is why I love having a guest house – we meet such interesting people.  We had a lovely evening of conversation and shared a glass or two!

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