Thursday, 6 March 2014

One year old today

Today is Tall Storeys First Anniversary with Ian and I at the helm!  I have to say we have sailed in calm waters, with the odd ripple catching our breath at times!  All in all it has been a fabulous year for us.  Meeting lovely guests, getting to know our neighbours, joining a fantastic choir and exploring the area (when we can)!  We have been blessed with pretty good weather since moving in and have enjoyed many hours in the garden, working and relaxing with or without guests.
Thank you so much to all the guests who have stayed with us and who have also returned many times.  We have been absolutely delighted to have you and hope to see you all again this year. 
There has been much cleaning going on and a lot more decorating than we anticipated - we are looking good!!
Thank you too to all our lovely friends from Scotland who have visited us - also friends from Romania, Switzerland and Canada.  These visits have all helped us to settle.
We are not strangers to this area having lived nearby for a number of years, so we say thankyou to all our long standing friends who have welcomed us back with open arms.  Marvellous!

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