Saturday, 5 April 2014

Strangers in Town?

I woke up this morning feeling strange as if something was about to happen. The telephone rang early with someone wanting our last room but said “she would ring back”.  I checked my emails and found that the room had already been booked out during the night. I felt lucky. She never did ring back.

Decided to go for a stroll along the beach and take in some refreshing sea air. Donkeys were out; speedboats were out and Ho! Ho! Ho! the pirate’s ship was out, but the best thing was the sun was out. Heading along to The Spa I began to notice a build-up of strange visitors to Scarborough. Not your usual type, but friendly nevertheless. 

Then it dawned on me it was SFS. What is SFS? Sci-Fi Scarborough is a two day weekend Convention of everything from Comic Books to Costume play, Authors to Artists, Guest Speakers to Guest Signings, Tabletop and Online gaming. Check it out

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