Monday, 22 July 2013

Scarborough Mere

Today we made the most of the sunshine and took some time out to visit Scarborough Mere.  What a fantastic place!  The Mere is a natural lake just on the outskirts of town with about 16 acres to explore.  We walked around half of the lake but you could spend a few hours there if you had time.

The Mere was a popular tourist attraction in the 20th century and there is still a little café on site.  Apparently there used to be a Spanish Galleon that took visitors for rides to a little island where they could dig for doubloons, but this has since ceased and Scarborough Mere Angling Club has taken over.  We saw lots of little fish and caught a glimpse of two huge carp swimming near the shore!

You can buy food for the many geese at the little café and we soon had them all following us along the banks!  There are also stunning water lilies and other flora and wildlife.  A great day for when the sun is shining!

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