Thursday, 21 November 2013

Olde Fashioned Christmas at Tall Storeys

Normally we do not put up our Christmas tree until December, but decided to get ready early so we can enjoy it all for longer!

Sadly, I have left a lot of my lovely decorations in Scotland, but managed to find enough to decorate the tree and although I say it myself, it is looking really lovely.  I have two holly bushes in the garden and one has berries on it already so I have used some of those for my fireplace display.  I do like au naturale!

There are so many different types of fairy lights around at the moment and I have found some great ones to decorate throughout Tall Storeys – all very tasteful I have to say!  The wreath for the door is ready but I will wait until next week for that.  So lovely to see everyone`s homes decorated – it really does give you a warm feeling as the weather turns colder.

Happy Christmas everyone…………

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