Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Suddenly the Tall Storeys Garden is blooming lovely!
The tulips which I planted last year have been magnificnet and so unusual. They make me happy!

Wisteria is climbing the wall at last and looking good, as is the clematis and honeysuckle which took ages to untangle.

We are working hard on repairing the lawn which is not looking so great, but fingers crossed with all the love and attention it is getting from us both, it will soon take shape.  So much moss and trying to stop the pigeons eating the new grass seed has been a bit of a challenge! Pigeon could be on the breakfast menu tomorrow.

However, we are looking good and I am so excited to see so many plants growing stronger and taking shape all over the garden.  

Our little fish in the pond are no longer little.  
So glad they survived the winter months.......

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