Friday, 6 June 2014

Dexter the British Bulldog!

My owners took me on a little holiday to Scarborough recently.  Well, I have never been to the seaside before so I was very excited.  We stayed in a lovely little guest house called Tall Storeys.  I soon discovered why it was named Tall Storeys as there were so many stairs!!  Thankfully my little legs only had to climb one flight of stairs to our beautiful room with a stunning sea view!  Morna and Ian at Tall Storeys seemed to like me a lot which is always a good thing - I think they would have liked to have kept me, they made me feel so at home and welcome.  They even provided me with a mat for my water and food dishes and a blanket (of course I brought my own, but the thought was there!).

Anyway, I just loved running along the sand down on the seafront and exploring all the little streets around here, although I have to say I was totally exhausted by the time I got back up the hill to Tall Storeys.  
However, it was so nice just to sit around in the conservatory and nip in and out to the garden to get a breath of fresh air and to stretch my legs.  It was a fabulous holiday for me and I look forward to going back again some day in the future!

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